Rely on the organic supply chain with over 90 agricultural producers

Mezza ciotola di riso di produzione biologica di diversi tipi: bianco, integrale, selvaggio, nero, a chicchi di dimensione variabile. Copyright foto: Jing

Union makes us organic

Studio Tecnico Zafferoni plays the role of coordination between producers, processors and consumers in the organic agricultural supply chain system.
Respecting the requirements of “short supply chain”, the supply system promotes cooperation and local economic development combined with the enhancement of social and territorial relations.

Studio Tecnico Zafferoni ensures its proper functioning:
• in response to the needs of companies and industries
• alongside the farmer in the choice of species and variety and in the
preparation of cultivation programmes
• in the technical inspections to verify the environmental requirements.

The benefits of the short supply chain

The peculiar aspect of the organisation of the short supply chain consists in adapting the organic production to the specific industrial demand.

Studio Tecnico Zafferoni guarantees the company the choice of species and variety in qualitative and quantitative terms, also in relation to new market demands.

The network of affiliates, reaching over 90 agricultural producers, allows a targeted response to every type of request.
The construction of the short chain takes place by involving the agricultural companies able to offer the most suitable organic production for the specific needs.

The organic production cycle takes place in compliance with the principles of Italian accuracy and traceability.
Studio Tecnico Zafferoni contacts and directly meets the agricultural operators to conclude the Cultivation Contracts and to plan the phases of the production cycle.
During the scheduled visits we agree:
• the type of species (rice, oats, spelt, etc …)
• the variety
and we verify
• the quantity (cultivated hectares)
• cultivation methods (traditional sowing / transplanting).

Studio Tecnico Zafferoni also guarantees the management of the obligations related to compliance with the legislation on Organic Agriculture by providing:
• certificates of conformity and valid supporting documents of the companies in the supply chain
• annual production plans for the current year
• compilation of any forms necessary for the customer (e.g. forms of
supplier assessment, gluten free traceability modules).

This continuing management and consulting system ensures compliance for the company of the product to the specifications required for the organic production cycle established in cultivation contract.