Become part of our network of affiliated farms

Primo piano di una macchina mietitrebbiatrice in azione in un campo maturo di un'azienda agricola che ha effettuato la conversione al biologico, sullo sfondo di una foresta di conifere. Copyright foto: ThiloBecker

Union makes us organic

For over 25 years Studio Tecnico Zafferoni, in continuity with the path started by the first organic operators, has created a solid, transparent, reliable network of partner companies.
Today the associated supply chain operators are over 90 farms, located mainly in Lombardy and Piedmont.
The reference principles have not changed over time: the agri-food quality, the responsible management of environmental resources, and the enhancement of human capital. The strength of our network, “union makes us organic”, is the value that makes us different, today as in the past.

Conversion to organic

The firm takes care of assisting the company that intends to undertake the path of cultivation according to the method of conversion to organic. The consultancy is aimed at optimising the organisation of bureaucratic obligations and cultivation techniques to maintain the requisites necessary for obtaining the organic certification according to Reg EC 834/2007.

The agricultural producers of the network benefit from the strengthened position characterised by qualitative, logistic and centralised contractual management. Studio Tecnico Zafferoni deals with the correct bureaucratic and technical planning of the conversion to organic, starting the construction of supply chain projects for affiliated farmers.
Furthermore, network companies can participate in Research & Development projects on new low environmental impact cultivation techniques (mechanical rice transplantanting).

Studio Tecnico Zafferoni directly promotes the supply chain contracts with the farmers. Within the Cultivation Contract, the farm will have all the agreed references for cultivation in progress:
• the variety chosen for sowing and the agreed quantity
• multi-year sowing and cultivation programmes in compliance with the regulations
• the agreed agronomic techniques
• the selling price
• the technical specification with the established qualitative parameters.

The agricultural producer, being the first link in the food chain, is subject to food safety regulations and must take responsibility for keeping the legally required records up to date.
Studio Tecnico Zafferoni provides assistance:
• regarding product certification requests and the performance of documentary procedures necessary to obtain organic certification;
• in relations with the Control Body and inspector technicians during on-site audits;
• filling in the company register;
• in the best and correct use of the technical means (seeds, fertilizers, etc.) permitted by the current legislation for the purpose of issuing the certification.

The affiliation system guarantees agricultural operators, at a commercial level, the security of cultivating a variety whose sale is already established.
As a connecting link between the rice mill and the industry, Studio Tecnico Zafferoni ensures that the farms valorise the harvest, the synergies with other local economic activities and a better cash flow, reducing the financial risk.